This cost you money !! Lot’s of it.

The  first major improvement came when the trucking industry put air on their  truck cabs to make drivers more comfortable and reduce driver fatigue (so they  could drive longer distances with less accidents). The next step was air on the semi trailers to reduce freight damage costs. This was a big improvement  but did not stop the total problem which was at the “hard hitch connection” itself. None of the above never really helped the RV industry as it was just  considered to expensive and not required. As RV’s grew in size, and tow  vehicles also grew and were made more heavy duty. the need for something better  became more important.


The  large hitch manufacturers still were happy to sell their old products even  though they knew that it was possible to make a smoother, safer product for  their customers, but obviously did not want to spend the R&D money to  develop what they felt was a small market and not worth the return on their  dollar.


Along  came a few small business owners who felt the market was out there and that  improvements needed to be made for safer and smoother towing. They invested  their money in several different designs that continue to improve every year,  and the end result was the “Air Ride Hitch”. As most of us are not caught up in  the Big Corporate greed and red tape, we can constantly improve our designs and  provide quality products that will last for years and save you a lot of money in  repairs to your equipment, much more than the initial cost of the hitch. I don’t  even know how to equate cost to safety and towing comfort. ENTER THE AGE OF THE ”Air Ride Hitch”.

This saves you money !! Lot’s of it

For  years we have all been towing with out dated hitches, not much better than the  pioneers used with their covered wagons. There have been a few improvements but  one no has ever gotten rid of the harsh ride due to the transference between the  truck and the trailer. The pot holes, tar strips, and uneven roads just keep  transferring this harsh ride back and forth between the trailer and truck in a  never ending rhythm. .The end result is a rough ride for you and the contents of  your trailer, not to mention the cost in repairs to your truck, trailer and  contents

Who needs an “Air Ride” Hitch ??? Anyone who  can afford one !! Do you tow more than 1,000 mile a year, are you having tow  problems, do you want the best hitch available ?? If you answered yes to any of  the previous questions, you need an Air Safe Hitch. When you buy your truck you  spend 25,000 - 50,000 dollars (toters 100,000+), your trailer can be anywhere  from 25,000 - 100,000+. This is a lot of money, you carry insurance to protect against theft or property loss, correct, you probably also have an extended warranty for unexpected repairs. Well, an “Air Safe” Hitch is another insurance  policy, it keeps the roads from tearing up your rigs (which is not covered by  insurance - (normal wear and tear), it provides a safety margin in panic  braking or unexpected maneuvering situations (collision avoidance), and most of  all it delivers a smoother, less fatiguing ride. If you are beat after four or  five hours of towing, you will be amazed that you can now tow eight hours and  still not be really tired.





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