The Only “Air Ride”

5th Wheel Hitch

With “TRUE AIR” “8 Way”

Air Controlled Action

Smooth Towing (80% Smoother)


Separates your truck from your trailer


Safer Towing (75% Safer)


 Better braking, traction and steering control


Prevents damage to tow equipment from “Heavy Duty” Suspensions


Keeps your warranty valid if you have frame or side wall problems


Reduces physical damage to livestock and trailer contents


Reduces driver and passenger fatigue on long trips


Cheaper Tow Insurance

Benefits of an

Air Safe Hitch


No “Chucking”

No Hook- Up Problems

Smoothes Out Concrete Roads

Eliminates “Pot - Hole” Pounding Saves Truck and Trailer Suspensions

Eliminates Breakage of Items In Trailer

50% More Air Action Than Our Competitors

Smoother and Safer Towing


The Only “Air Ride” 5th Wheel On the Market Today That Gives You “TRUE AIR” 8 Way Action (Actually more than 8 ways). The competition must use a mechanical “Swivel Anvil” to accomplish anything close to 6 way action. Why Settle For Anything Less ? We Offer The Most Benefits Of Any “Air Ride” Hitch On The Market Today. 5K to 25K Fifth Wheel, one hitch does it all, no need to buy another hitch if you get a larger trailer.


We Also Offer The Most Complete Line Of “Air Ride” Hitches From Any One Manufacturer


U.S. Patent

U.S. Patent

20K & 25K

5th Wheel

No One Else Offers This Exclusive “True Air” Side to Side Motion

Without “True Air” Side to Side Action You Have Frame “Twisting”

“True Air” Side to Side Action Stops Frame “Twisting”

The Only “Air Ride” Fifth (5th) Wheel Hitch On the Market Today That Gives You Omni-directional “TRUE AIR” 8 Way Action” . The advanced Air Ride System utilizes “HEAVY DUTY” air bags to absorb the shock, bounce and vibration that usually come with pulling a trailer with a hard connection Reese, Drawtite, and other 5th Wheel hitches. This allows the trailer to rock back and forth on its natural axis as it was originally designed to do.

Powder Coated for rock-hard finish and special UV protection



World’s #1 Mainstream 3D Design Software

Allows for 12o Side-to-side motion

No bearings to grease, bind, or wear out.

The self-lubricated Nyloil bars will not bind or seize since they are designed to work on offset positions. Ensuring the safest, most comfortable ride

Air Ride Hitch with its patented Omni (multi) directional movement, delivers true 8-way movement. All others simply go up and down. The Nyloil slide bars are machined in an oval to accept the slider bar allowing for 8-way movement. The Slide bars are allowed free movement to adjust to surge, stopping, twisting, and trailer sway. The military tough Nyloil bars can withstand a total surface crush of over 65 tons.

20K and 25k contain the following features

Is this your first 5th Wheel?  Click here to read  a summary report for first timers.

Patent Pending removable tower caps

Full contact locking

Valley or Binkley 5th Wheel heads

Four Firestone® Air Springs ensure the smoothest of rides

Attach easily to most standard 5th wheel rails

No bearings to grease, bind, or wear out

5th Wheel Air Bag
5th Wheel Tower end cap and blocks
5th Wheel level lines
5th Wheel Tower end cap and blocks
5th Wheel Omni-Directional Air Hitch
5th Wheel new web02
5th Wheel side Braking
5th Wheel side Accelerating
5th Wheel front cornering
5th Wheel front cornering
5th Wheel front level

Multi-Color line shows when properly inflated Air Bags

Sales tax added if shipped to North Dakota.



Air Safe Hitch System


Air Safe Hitch System

20K Front View web

4,500 lbs Pin Weight

20,000 lbs GTW


5,500 lbs Pin Weight

25,000 lbs GTW

Hitches mount on standard rails or special adapters available for Reese Underbed, and B&W Adapter

AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch - Fifth Wheel Hitches For Sale

Compare AirSafe Omni-Directional to our competition:

For 20K and 25K

The AirSafe™ Advantage:

  • Height Adjustable (14-18")
  • No need to release air when you disconnect
  • No need to re-inflate each time you connect
  • 4 Air Bag system
  • Up and Down motion controlled by air
  • Front to Back motion controlled by air
  • Side to Side head tilt motion controlled by air
  • Corner to Corner motion controlled by air
  • Holland Binkley or Valley Head
  • Pin weight from 4,500 to 5,500 lbs
  • 20K and 25K GTW capacity
  • Can be disassembled to remove
  • Can ship Freight or UPS
  • Powder Coated Painted
  • Installed weight 175-195 lbs
  • No lube points within the hitch required
  • Shocks to control Oscillation


For a fluid ride and the perfect control, consider the AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch. The AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch is designed to provide a less-jarring ride when you are towing, therefore preventing both your tires and your nerves from wearing thin. The AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch allows 90 percent less grating and rubbing when you are pulling a trailer than a traditional hitch does. The friction reduction allows you to get more efficient gas mileage and decreases the amount of strain on the suspension systems of your truck and your trailer. A smoother ride also eliminates the possibility of damage to the objects inside your trailer.


The AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitch is adjustable to the height of your trailer. There is never a need to release air or to re-inflate the AirSafe hitch when you are connecting or disconnecting your trailer. We offer both standard and heavy-duty hitches capable of carrying 25,000 lbs GTW and 32,000 GTW, respectively.


Our AirSafe 5th Wheel Hitches are designed to move in multiple directions, decreasing the amount of wear and tear on the hitch itself and enabling you to maintain a level position with the side rails. Our “True Air” Air Ride system helps to increase the life of the suspension of your vehicle by absorbing the torque created by the trailer, therefore decreasing driver strain and making road trips a more pleasant experience.


The AirSafe Fifth Wheel Hitch is designed to keep you safe on the road, to make the trip as smooth as possible and to eliminate stress on the objects in your trailer and the tow vehicle. What’s not to like? Order your hitch today to experience the ride that’s like a glide.

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We offer adapter for the Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge Ram and after-market Reese Underbed systems.

20K Doc size
20K Doc size



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