5th Wheel Product Comparison

We have included this page to clearly demonstrate how our hitch is mechanically superior to our competition in terms of Omni-directional movement and smoothness, also it will give you an idea of  how the other products differ or fall short of being able to do all that our  hitches are capable of. Shopping for a hitch can be confusing, we have tried to  take some of the confusion out of the process. Remember, always buy a little more than you need, both as a safety factor and for future needs should you get  a larger trailer a few years down the road. Use the following chart as a comparison of our hitch to others:

Note the self-lubricating composite material can move in many different directions and still maintain a level position with the side rails. That is the reason why we have ”True Air” 8 Way Action (Actually  more than 8 ways, but who’s counting) (Omni Directional Control). No other hitch system that we know of can do this. All composite 20K and 25k 5th wheels are machined and designed with multi direction control sockets. In over two years of commercial towing, less than .005 wear factor (aprox. 200,000 miles).


The  competition can only move up and down, they can only achieve 4 way action with  the use of a mechanical left-right (Swivel) anvil but their air control in only up-down. If it swivels side to side, it is mechanical, not ”True Air”, and transfers velocity, uncontrolled by  the air springs. No matter what their claims about 4 way action or especially 8 way action, it is bogus,  they may have air bags under the anvil but the bags are NOT controlling the action, just softening the ride. We really can offer the “Smoothest, Safest”  ride because of our “True Air” technology.


Also note the four bolts in the top of the tracks, if you should ever have a problem  (and you shouldn’t) just remove the bolts and have easy access for repair or  cleaning (Try that with a competitors hitch).

Compare Our  Products With The Competitors

Our 5th Wheel  Hitches Offer ”TRUE AIR” “8 Way” and  ”4 Way” Air Ride Action, the competitors do not have this capability. Why not  buy the best value for your money ??  Also  check the height of their 5th wheel hitches (ask about minimum height), most  new trucks have increased their ride height up to 4” over the past three  years. Our 5th wheels go from a minimum of 10” to a maximum of 20”. Is ride height critical?? Definitely, a level trailer always pulls better.

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