The  AirBox “Next Generation” 5th Wheel (12K, 16K 18K)

2,000 lbs. Pin Weight - (12,000) GTW

3,000 lbs. Pin Weight - (16,000) GTW

4,000 lbs. Pin Weight - (18,000) GTW

14” to 18” Height Adjustment


Visual Latch Inductor

Positive Locking of the Trailer King Pin

Completely encircles the King Pin

Full contact locking

Valley 5th Wheel head

Four Air Springs ensure the smoothest of rides

Powder Coated for rock-hard finish and special UV protection

Attach easily to most standard 5th wheel rails and Underbed Systems

No bearings to grease, bind, or wear out

Valley Head

The AIRBOX “Next Generation” is the most versatile and compact Air Hitch system ever designed. Its economically priced and AIRSAFE tough. Whether you have a long box, short box and need a regular rail base, or underbed system, the AIRBOX “Next Generation” is your ticket to a First-Class air ride at the price of coach.


By placing four commercial grade air bags directly below the hitch head it allows it to make a compact air hitch that virtually absorbs trailer to AIRBOX forces. Its tough, but lightweight design allows you to quickly and easily remove it when not needed and quickly re-attach when needed. If you have ever been wondering if an Air Hitch system is for you, here is your answer. You and your passenger deserve the very best. The AirBox “Next Generation”  is available in 10K, 16K and 18K version.

Sales tax added if shipped to North Dakota.

Look at the indicator located on the front forward surface of the hitch head assembly. When it is extended out of the housing, the king pin is fully seated.

20K Latch Indicator
20K Head underside view
Airbox NG air bag
AIRBOX New Image_2
5th Wheel next gen

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(NEW) We offer an exclusive Air Safe adapter for the Ford, Chevrolet/GMC, and Dodge Ram and after-market Reese Underbed systems.



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